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Gay Long Term Relationships was put together by a group of friends that where frustrated with dating after having a string of bad dates. They created this site to put good advice out into the wild so that hopefully others wouldn't have to siffer the same as they once did.

If you are looking to the stars for guidance you can check out Lesbian Horoscopes and Astrology sites with compatibility charts and zodiac dating.

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Happy Love Story

Dear Friends at GayTLR.com

Hi, my name is Julia and I wanted to say thank you to you for your wonderful advice site. I was always shy and didn't know how to meet other women. After searching the web for a partner and having several bad experiences I stumbled across your site.

Following your wonderful advice I wrote a sexy love letter after copy from sample love letter and met my now life partner. If it wasn't for your site's advice I never would have plucked up the curage to ask her out.

So thank you friends of GayLTR & Sunnyvale Gay you changed my life.

Yours Sincerely

Julia Smith

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